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    High-Quality Prescription Safety Eye Protection.

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    Complete Eye Safety will replace a defective product at no charge for a period of one year from the date of purchase if any of the following occurs:

    • Lens breakage due to manufacturing defect
    • Frame breakage due to manufacturing defect
    • Peeling, Crazing, or Other Failure of any coating

    These warranties are made assuming normal use and appropriate care of eyeglass frames and lenses given customer’s customary job functions. They assume no excessive or abnormal use or abuse.

    Policies and Procedures for Eye Wear:

    We will process a prescription change via telephone if we receive a call from the eye care professional’s office.

    We will replace any prescription or order change one time at no charge if the change price is equal to or less than the original order. For upgrades, the customer will be charged only the difference between the original order and the upgrade. We ask that any changes be requested within 30 days of receipt of the glasses.

    Changes to the prescription after 30 days will be charged at 50% of the original price.

    We will replace the prescription of any progressive lens wearer who is not able to adapt to progressive lens wear within 60 days of shipment of the lenses.

    We will fill any valid prescription for eyeglasses that is less than 2 years old unless prohibited by applicable state law. We ask our customers to visit their eye care professional regularly.

    Due to Compliance Requirements from the latest ANSI Z87.1, 2 Standards, we are unable to mount new safety lenses in a used safety frame without the actual frame being present.