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    Spectacle Kit Replacement Lens

    Did you Break your Rx Lens?

    Let Complete Eye Safety help you reorder your new lens today!

    Getting high-quality replacement lenses for your Spectacle Kit glasses for any brand is easy and no hassle process. Most online optical stores will try to sell you new frames even though all you need are replacement lenses. If you have a set of frames with prescription lens replacements then you’re in the right place.

    Complete Eye Safety has teamed up with TriSpec Eye Gear and Spectacle Kits USA to become the premier Rx Spectacle Kit Insert processing company in the United States and Canada.

    TriSpec eye Gear and Spectacle Kits USA manufactures all our Rx spectacle kit inserts to meet the new optical and safety compliance standards. All are made in the USA.


    Reorder Your Rx Replacement Lens is EASY in FOUR simple steps!

    1.  Choose Your Spectacle Frame
    2. Choose Your Type of Prescription
    3. During Checkout – Enter OR Upload Your Prescription -> Choose File
    4. After placing your new lenses order, please ship your insert to our lab using your carrier of choice. Then we will ship the insert back to you free of charge when your new lenses are installed and ready!

    Complete Eye Safety Mailing Address:
    101 Lore Lane
    Leadington MO 63601
    *If shipping USPS the city may appear as Park Hills; this is also correct.

    The customer is responsible for the cost of sending the insert to our lab for fulfillment.