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    High-Quality Prescription Safety Eye Protection.

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    Corporate Programs

    Our Expertise

    Complete Eye Safety has the expertise and experience to develop an innovative program to manage all of your prescription eye safety needs.

    Our technical team is highly trained in occupational eye protection standards and application. They have many years of experience working with safety professionals with program startups, “industry specific” safety eyewear, service options, and maintaining our client’s compliance integrity.

    Complete Eye Safety is a physician-owned company. We meet all physician and industry standards of ethics and integrity. Our team has assessed and consulted on a variety of eye programs covering a number of industries and discovered a significant number of these programs have non-compliant prescription safety eyewear in use. We can make recommendations and the proper changes to help get companies back on track.

    Complete Eye Safety is committed to:

    • Quality prescription eyewear that is FULLY compliant
    • Expert program analysis and program development
    • Friendly and innovative services
    • Developing long-term relationships

    Our prescription eye protection programs take the frustration out of ordering safety eyewear for employees; regardless of the type of service you choose.

    Expertise—Experience—Quality Products and Service—Compliance